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  • SBUYS - Schiffli Midi Dress

    Paired this pretty pastel midi dress with my red sneakers , a little out of the box for my style but quite a bit of experiments now and then never does any harm . With all the country girl vibes that it gives, let the quote “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway” come to life.

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  • SBUYS - Lace up Embroidered Cold Shoulder Top

    This pretty lace up embroidered cold shoulder top on the other hand is a steal. The criss cross pattern and the floral embroidery just adds its own charms. Paired it with white denims and added a piece of chunky silver jewellery from The envy house to add more to the outfit.

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  • Maxi Dress - For this Spring

    Maxi dresses rule spring summer. As you know, I'm a dress person. Pretty dresses are my drug. Sbuys latest collection of Spring summer maxi dresses are a mix of trend and comfort. My Red and White Checked Maxi dress left me feeling all flowy and feminine when I wore it for a day out. Pairing it up with a matching sling bag and wooden bangles. I loved how subtly attractive the neck area is with the thin straps showing exactly the right amount of skin. The ruffled bottom is a cherry on the top.

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  • Valentine Affair- With SBUYS

    Casual wear is something unavoidable. One needs it on a regular basis to head out. Looking for trending casual wear is so difficult as there are so so many options. I always have this problem of ending up buying the most blingy-est, unnecessary piece like a party wear or so whenever I stroll around a shopping site too much looking for trends. So I decided to invest a month into buying exactly what I need. Thankfully Sbuys has all the Trending casuals at one place, so you get only and exactly what you need without any confusion

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  • Plaid It Up

    This weather, put on a top and it's shiver, put on a sweater and sweat! So my yet another best buy from Sbuys is this Red-Blue checked Shrug which is my go to thing these days. Just put on a tank top, and this shrug and you're good to go. These checks have been in trend since I don't remember when, and people still haven't got over it. I mean, why would they anyway, look at it.

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  • Knee Slit Denims

    It was dreamy, the day seemed to add to my vibes with the light sunshine and shadows having my dress beam its radiance. For evening I paired up my Sbuys knee cut out denim and a shirt with red stripes, put in some evergreen white shoes. I wanted to keep it comfortable yet classy, and with my little extra sling bag I'm sure it looked the same.

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  • Aastha Sharma For SbuyS Collection

    SbuyS, India’s online fashion store for women, joins hands with top Celebrity Stylist, Aastha Sharma to bring out the very unique, funky, cool yet chic collection designed by her to get you walking the trend The collection shouts out high street fashion in a very contemporary style with lots of flowy ruffles, sexy shiffly, pretty polkas, stunning stripes and gingham. These designs in the collection are quite graphic, yet soft romantic and feminine at the same time.

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    While at Magnetic Fields Music Festival recently at Alsisar, Rajasthan, I decided to bust out my shiniest disco sequin dress by SBUYS and go all out with the festival vibes (yes you can wear sequins to music festivals – that’s the very beauty of music festivals – you can wear near about any damn thing you fancy). This gorgeous beauty of a dress is from the ‘Barcelona Collection’ by SBUYS and works perfectly even outside the ‘music festival’ arena because it’s Christmas Season now!

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    One of the first posts from my time in Phuket recently. This was our second day at our Airbnb and I grabbed Dad to come do my shoot in the morning on the beach because Naina wanted to sleep in since she flew in late the night before. So we did the shoot right on Mai Khao beach on which the property is located – Baan Mai Khao Condominiums. I had found this super cute dress on SBUYS and knew immediately that I would be taking it with me to Phuket. True to the location, I wore a bikini under it. It’s a super light, perfect-for-summer material and the embroidery gives it a slight boho or folk feeling.

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    Orange maybe the new black for America and yes I love the series but black is still my favorite color when it comes to my sartorial choices and even the American elections (not that the latter really matters). This look is from the ‘Barcelona’ Collection by SBUYS and very different from the look I went for previously. Almost an opposite in many ways. The first one was light, breezy, even nautical and this one is dark, sexy and demure. The addition of the knee socks make such a huge difference to the entire look I feel.

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    Get a refreshing taste of tropical style with the new ‘Barcelona’ collection by SBUYS now available online. I have never been to Barcelona so this is probably the closest I’ve come to it yet. SBUYS has some classic styles paired with a few eclectic prints that spell chic-fun and make you want to hop on a speed-boat somewhere with your fanciest pair of sunglasses. I went for printed co-ordinates: shorts and a kimono style tie-up top, wore a solid white top underneath and a bright pair of flats that seem to energize the print even further. A chic, light and peppy outfit..

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  • SBUYS - Dark Horse

    While I know ‘Dark Horse’ is supposed to invoke a sense of poetry or romance, I’ve been feeling quite like a horse lately – with the amount of work that I can sense is going to be piling up in the coming month. I recently got back from a day in Agra to be a part of the launch of a new watch by Ferragamo and am already feeling a bit under the weather.

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    Something about the monsoons that brings out a little bit of boho in you, or in this case – me. I especially get drawn to tie & dye. Found a lovely blush tie-dye dress with an uneven hemline on SBUYS and for a casual day out with friends or shopping, I paired it with a glistening beauty of a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Handbag from ThatWardrobe. Check out that glossy patent leather! ThatWardrobe has so many pre-loved luxury items and brands available, all 100% authentic and you can even list your own products if you’d like to sell them.

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    Something about ‘playsuits’ the name that naturally makes you think of them as a playful outfit – sporty, fun, hangin with the friends, etc. But it doesn’t always have to be. Playsuits can just as easily be turned into a more serious look, a bit chic/polished and yes even be worn to meetings perhaps. It’s all about how you accessorize your outfit. I stumbled upon this light-weight, solid blue playsuit on SBUYS and knew instantly that it would make for a very versatile piece in my wardrobe

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    Summer brings new energy that could wipe the old slate clean and brings new ideas be it your home, fashion, kid’s fun time or business. New budgets, new goals, clean ups and renovations can give one a complete make over ready to reach the next level of accomplishment. And when it comes to fashion, with the rising heat around, it should be all simple, neat, light and loose to keep you cool and comfortable. White is the color of summer, bright and clean looking always.

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    The off-shoulder look is something one still have to get accustomed to. Something about it being ‘eeesh too girly’ that kept them away till now. But, like all things clothes and fashion. It’s actually quite nice – the off shoulder style. Yes, it has a certain feminine energy to it and that’s not always a bad thing (You have to keep reminding yourself the tomboy inside from time to time). One thing that an off-shoulder spells out most clearly is ‘S.U.M.M.E.R’ and that can only mean fun! Tie-Dye has come back with a bang and has a growing demand in women irrespective of their age.

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    Akanksha Redhu wearing a printed dress from SBUYS . White really is the best option to go for in Summers and pretty much any kind of weather except rains perhaps so this cute dress with the print beginning from the hemline and reducing further up was one of my favorite pieces from the SBUYS Summer collection. The cuts in the back add for an interesting element making the dress perfect for a fun day of shopping with your girlfriends or even a day-time movie date.

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    Stripes, stripes, stripes! Basic stripes are absolute wardrobe essentials – just like a white shirt or a camel trench. Classic, elegant and you can’t really go wrong with an all-striped dress. There are so many ways you can wear this fun dress – with a denim jacket on top for a casual date/ with a black blazer on top for a work thing/ with thigh high boots for a sexy evening out or simply by itself like I have for a regular day out. Combine it with comfy boots, intense lips and a choker and you’re sort of hanging out in the 90’s again! Love it. Hope you like the outfit!

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  • SbuyS Showcases Spring Summer Collection

    It was a fashion night at The Frat House, Hauz Khas Village, in association with SbuyS. "It was a night of glamour". The event was aimed to facilitate the display of the Spring Summer Collection. The event was a success and we aim to host more such events for our patrons. Just because it's Valentine Day fever all around, it doesn't really mean you have to doll yourself up like a shining Christmas tree and be covered in red or sequins from head to toe. You can just as easily dress casually with just a hint of chic and have an amazing time

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    Explore yourself. Trust your uniqueness. Be a trendsetter!! Dress like Akanksha Redhu in SbuyS black Floral embroidered top with smocking at neck and sleeve in poly slub. I’ve been craving to do an all-black outfit for quite some time now. Not exactly sure when I did it last but it certainly feels like its been a long time. Black is love. And I’m not referring to its ‘it makes all body shapes look better’ quality. I’m just referring to its edgy-ness, its slick-ness. Like a pool of hot black tar, looks inviting but you better not mess with it. A bit dramatic I know but feels right.

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    The off-shoulder look is something one still have to get accustomed to. Something about it being ‘eeesh too girly’ that kept them away till now. But, like all things clothes and fashion. It’s actually quite nice – the off shoulder style. Yes, it has a certain feminine energy to it and that’s not always a bad thing (You have to keep reminding yourself the tomboy inside from time to time). One thing that an off-shoulder spells out most clearly is ‘S.U.M.M.E.R’ and that can only mean fun! What adds to the loveliness of this dress is the pastel pink shade and the slight touch of lace.

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  • Valentines Look! Ft Sbuys

    Hello lovelies We are often very confused about our Valentines look! No one wants to stay at home on valentine day. Lets face it neither do we want to go to a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner date under dressed. we want it to be perfectly balanced for the valentines day.Who said that every red dress has to look the same? This elegant number has a flounce that gives it an elevated look. Its perfect for a fancy dinner or to wear to a show. Red is the colour of love and what better idea then wearing on the day of love! This combination that can work for any occasion, even on a club night.

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  • Welcoming Spring W/ SBUYS (The first Stage: Still in an egg shell of winters)

    It is hard to say goodbye to the sweater weather. Oversized hoodies, hot cocoa and an all time excuse of staying in bed by saying, “but baby it’s cold outside.” are few of my favorite things about winter. But then, I see the little flowers blooming and the sun being out for longer hours and I know that it is time to change the colors & style of my wings.Here, wings signify clothes. I think our clothes have immense power on making us feel vibrant & playful aka giving us wings or just making us feel plain trapped.

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  • Welcoming Spring W/ SBUYS (The Second Stage: Caterpillar)

    It is springtime, it is springtime Winter’s gone, winter’s gone In this stage, the little butterfly has bid adieu to winter. When the egg hatches, a caterpillar comes out and all it does is eat to prep for the full blow.Here too, this butterfly is now prepping for spring in full blow. Collecting pieces for her wardrobe and playing by styling her wings.

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  • Welcoming Spring W/ SBUYS (The Third Stage: Pupa & the excitement)

    The pupa stage is one of the coolest stages of a butterfly’s life. As soon as a caterpillar is done growing and they have reached their full length/weight, they form themselves into a pupa. From the outside of the pupa, it looks as if the caterpillar may just be resting, but the inside is where all of the action is. Inside of the pupa, the caterpillar is rapidly changing.Here, this little butterfly is all ready to show off the world her wing styles for Spring/Summer.

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  • Welcoming Spring W/ SBUYS (The Fourth Stage: Butterflying into Summers)

    Finally, the last stage when the butterfly comes out of the pupa and spreads it’s wings wide. Our butterfly too has accepted the spring and is already out in the field with her colorful wings. She is now on the lookout for Summer.Wearing high waisted, floral print shorts from SBUYS with a black crop top from KOOVS. Tans and nude accessories are always a good idea for spring fashion.

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  • In love with Ruffles!

    Ruffle Cold Shoulder in this Spring Season season !!! Its that time of the year, where we need to think of everyday outfits of this spring season, may it be for that casual lunch or an evening dinner. One can clearly bet on the cold shoulder ruffle top. Its one of the key trends in this spring season. The primary colour palettes focus on Nudes, blue, green, yellow while if you are looking to wear something bright then yellow is for you!! We were highly inspired by the spring 2015-2016 collections of Celine, Chloe, Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney.

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  • Coachella Fashion W/ SBuys

    Thousands of music lovers have made their way deep into the Californian desert for two weekends of non-stop partying. Coachella’s official name is ‘The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’ as it comprises of both some of the world’s most famous artists and bands, as well as some pretty amazing art installations.Held across two weekends every April, Coachella has become a huge celeb hotspot – and ultimately the place to be seen.Everyone who knows about or been to Coachella have their own reasons to love it. For me, it is the fashion part of it, which makes this festival all the more enticing.

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  • Summer Chills ft. SBUYS

    Yes they are here, when you are too lazy to get up and dress up for somewhere unless you are pushed too much. When the sun shines and the wind blows hot.. there is no way you step out.This summers is not always sunny but in a sunny state of mind when you have "SBUYS" summer collection in your wardrobe. Life gets better when you have clothes which you can't resist to wear and want to wear it again and again. And yes SBUYS new collection is everything about it.

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  • Boho Soul ft SBUYS

    Everybody has it own style and a sense of thinking about clothes which differs from each others, it also depends on nature of the person as well. Creating your own style leads to make you look different from the crowd And this time i have created a look that stand out for its uniqueness - "Boho Look".Everything about this look is natural including hair styles and make up, comfortable clothes with a touch of vintage is all you want to create this look. Lace, fringes and embroidery are the top priorities to feel like Boho.

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  • Gingham style Ft. SBUYS

    Today i'm talking about a trend which is ruling the fashion street from few days.. Print of the season "Gingham" .. its essentially a fabric of two colors in a striped pattern so not to be confused with Check prints. Whether its Monochrome or colored gingham you can see this trend all across the high street. Personally, i'm in love with this style and its my favorite this spring. And every time i go for shopping i couldn't resist myself buying this trend. All you can feel is summer vibes and gingham style.

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